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7 Beauty Hacks with Just 1 Product. Get More from Your Cosmetics Lineup!

1. Eyeshadow Lip Gloss: Who knew your eyeshadow palette could double as a lip gloss creator? Swipe your favorite eyeshadow shade onto the back of your hand, then blend it with a clear lip balm for a juicy, custom lip gloss.

2. White Concealer Magic: Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes! Use a white concealer as a base before your regular concealer to instantly brighten under-eyes, make your whites whiter, and define those cheekbones. Warning: serious blending skills required!

3. Eyeliner Contour: Forget traditional contouring products; TikTok beauty enthusiasts have a new trick. They're using kohl eyeliner to sculpt their noses. Enjoy a wider range of shades, better control, and long-lasting results.

4. Lip Perfection: Why limit yourself to lipstick? Achieve the perfect lip look with just an eyebrow pencil and blush. Line your lips, blend with your fingers, then add cream blush to the center for a glossy finish.

5. Half Lashes: For a natural yet glamorous lash look, trim your false lashes in half and attach them to the outer edges of your lash line. Instantly lifted, subtle, and natural lashes.

6. Tantouring: Fake a sculpted face by applying self-tanner strategically under your cheekbones, along the jawline, and down the nose bridge. After development, enjoy long-lasting and natural facial definition that stays put for days.

7. Smooth Shaving Hack: Bid farewell to razor bumps and irritation. Instead of traditional razors, try using men's beard trimmers for a super-smooth shave in your intimate areas. Your skin will thank you!

Unleash your inner beauty guru with these ingenious makeup hacks that TikTok has to offer. Your beauty routine will never be the same!

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