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Busting Beauty Myths: TikTok's SPF Trend!

Hey, beauty enthusiasts! 🌞🧴

Imagine this: your skin is throwing a major fit. It's either super irritated, parched, or dealing with an unexpected adult acne breakout. You glance over at your trusty facial sunscreen, knowing you should apply it, but you... hesitate. Does this sound familiar?

According to Frances van der Velden, the genius behind Airyday, this is a relatable situation for many of us. We're quick to adapt our skincare routines to tackle whatever our skin is going through. Hyaluronic acid serum for a hydration boost? Check. Cutting back on actives when needed? Absolutely. But here's the kicker: when it comes to SPF, most of us have just one option, and that can be a problem.

Frances nails it when she says, "Most people will omit their sunscreen because they only have one." But here's the cold, hard truth: UV rays don't take a break, even on cloudy days or during the winter chill. Those sneaky rays can penetrate through glass and clouds, posing a risk to your skin's health all year round. (Did you know that the Cancer Council recommends sunscreen on days when the UV index hits 3 or above? In Australia, that's most of the year!)

So, what's the big deal? Well, sun damage isn't a one-time thing; it's cumulative. Skipping SPF can increase your risk of skin cancer and fast-track the aging process. The solution? Rocking sunscreen every day, no matter the season. And here's where the magic happens: enter the SPF wardrobe.

Think of it as curating a selection of sunscreens that can adapt to your skin's ever-changing moods. Just like you have different outfits for different vibes, having an arsenal of sunscreens for various skin situations is pure genius. Feeling like your skin needs a hydration boost? Grab an SPF formula packed with hyaluronic acid, like Airyday's popular "Clear as Day." Dealing with perioral dermatitis? A gentle mineral formula, say hello to "Mineral Mousse SPF50+ Dreamscreen," can work wonders. An SPF wardrobe also caters to those who love to switch up their skin's finish with makeup, giving you the power to go from glowy to velvety matte in seconds.

But hold up, Airyday sunscreens aren't your run-of-the-mill options. Frances van der Velden had one mission in mind: crafting innovative formulas with textures that rival luxury skincare products. As she puts it, "We all have a complicated relationship with sunscreen – we get its importance, but it often falls short in delivering the experience we crave." So, they set out to tackle the common complaints (too sticky, too heavy, too oily) and created a line of elevated sunscreens that you'll genuinely look forward to wearing every single day.

Their first masterpiece, "Clear as Day," was an instant hit, and it's still a top pick. Why? Because it defies sunscreen stereotypes. With a primer-like texture and a dewy finish, it's designed for everyone to use and adore. Plus, the clear formula leaves no ghostly white cast behind, making it a winner for all skin tones.

Remember, wearing sunscreen isn't just a seasonal thing. While building your customized SPF routine is a great start, Frances reminds us that sun safety doesn't stop there. "Don't forget to schedule your annual skin checks with a dermatologist or specialized skin cancer clinic to keep your skin in tip-top shape."

So, there you have it, the secret to radiant, healthy skin all year round: an SPF wardrobe. Say goodbye to sunscreen struggles and hello to a skincare game changer! 🌟🧴 #SunscreenGoals #SkinCareRevolution

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