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Doughnut Glazed Hair: The Glossy Trend You Need to Try

Hey, trendsetters! 🍩✨

Let's talk hair goals, shall we? We've all seen those Instagram-worthy locks that look as shiny as a freshly glazed doughnut, and if you're wondering how to achieve the look, we've got the scoop. Hint: it's not just about running your straightener through every strand (although that can help!). 😉

So, what's the deal with Glazed Doughnut Hair? It's not just about straight hair; it's about serious shine. We're talking next-level glossiness that makes your hair look like it's been dipped in liquid diamonds.

This sizzling micro-trend involves a magical combo of gloss treatment and strategic coloring. It's like the evolution of Glass Hair, but with a twist – your hair should have movement, not feel weighed down by products. Think of it as the ultimate hair glow-up.

Matrix's chief engagement officer and stylist, Alfredo Lewis, breaks it down. First, they assess if a base break is needed. That's basically blurring the line between your new natural hair growth and your previously highlighted hair. It's like a sneaky optical illusion that adds shine and blends regrowth seamlessly. ✨

Next up, the secret sauce for Glazed Doughnut Hair is an in-salon glossing treatment. Lewis recommends Matrix's SoColor Sync Clear for that extra oomph. It seals in the brightness and cranks up the shine factor. As for maintenance, Lewis suggests returning to the salon every four to six weeks to keep your Glazed Doughnut Hair looking fresh.

Now, you might be wondering, is this trend anything new? Well, yes and no. Gloss treatments have been around the block, and shiny hair isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept. But when you pair that gloss with a base break, it creates a stunning, glossy finish that's worth every moment in the salon chair. Plus, it's a game-changer for your daily routine – because who doesn't want flawless locks that make any outfit pop? 🙌👗

Ready to shine bright like a doughnut? 🍩💁‍♀️ #HairGoals #DoughnutGlazedHair

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