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Eyeshadow Shades that Slay: Finding Your Perfect Match

Experimenting with makeup is all about embracing the joy of trying new products and colors. Just like a carefully curated wardrobe, having a few reliable factors in your makeup routine can accentuate your features and bring out your best self. Your skin tone, much like your style, plays a pivotal role in determining which eyeshadow shades will enhance your beauty. To unravel the secrets of choosing the perfect eyeshadow shades, we turn to celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor, who provides invaluable insights into creating personalized looks for every skin tone.

Eyeshadow Colors for Light/Fair Skin Tones

For fair skin tones, the key is subtlety. Soft colors with sheer pigments can make a significant impact. Opt for gentle hues like taupe, champagne, or soft plum to avoid overpowering your complexion. Steer clear of highly pigmented or extremely dark shades, as they can appear stark and intense. When contouring your eyes, choose shades only a few tones darker than your skin color. Be cautious with reds, pinks, and gray hues, as they can potentially make you look tired or washed out.

According to Sotomayor, "Shades of beige, like a latte, work well on the lid, concealing redness while adding brightness." He recommends employing ivory, bone, and eggshell tones for a natural look that wakes up your eyes and defines your brow bone in light and fair tones.

Eyeshadow Colors for Medium/Honey Skin Tones

Medium and honey skin tones have the versatility to rock an array of eyeshadow colors without appearing too harsh. Warm, illuminating shades and pigmented metallic finishes complement your complexion beautifully. Sotomayor suggests that rose gold, in particular, works wonders on the lids, transitioning seamlessly from day to night with the addition of dark eyeliner or a bold lip.

Your options are plentiful, with matte brown and mauve shades resembling your skin tone being the only colors to avoid. To contour effectively, Sotomayor recommends introducing a medium bronze shade a couple of tones darker than your skin. This shade can be applied to the outer corner of your eyes and smudged over black liner for a softer effect.

Eyeshadow Colors for Deep/Dark Skin Tones

For those with deep and dark skin tones, bold and vibrant shades are your allies. Embrace contrast and opt for eyeshadows that mimic the sun-kissed glow of your cheekbones on a sunny day. Sotomayor suggests adding a touch of 24-karat gold or copper to your lids and using dark espresso, plum, or black eyeshadows to smudge out the liner for a high-impact look.

Vibrant cool shades in green and blue can be particularly flattering, but if you prefer neutrals, copper, bronze, and warm autumnal shades are your go-to options. Avoid ashy or white eyeshadows, which can appear lackluster or virtually invisible on dark skin.

Choosing the Right Products

Sotomayor recommends products that align with each skin tone's unique needs:

  • Light/Fair Skin Tones: KVD Beauty Dazzle Long-Wear Eyeshadow Stick in Hail Surge adds a seamless touch to your look, eliminating the need for a shadow primer.

  • Medium/Honey Skin Tones: Consider Covergirl's Clean Color Eyeshadows, which offer versatile shades for effortless dimension.

  • Deep/Dark Skin Tones: The Mented Everyday Shadow Palette is your core makeup solution, featuring essential shades that enhance your features.

The world of eyeshadow is your canvas, and your skin tone is your guide. By understanding your complexion's nuances and embracing shades that enhance your natural beauty, you can effortlessly create captivating eye looks that are uniquely yours. From subtle elegance to bold statements, the right eyeshadow shades will undoubtedly bring out the best in you.

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