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Eyeshadow Shades that Slay: Finding Your Perfect Match

Updated: Jan 9

We've got the inside scoop from the incredible celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. Let's explore how your skin tone can guide you to the perfect eyeshadow shades and create personalized looks that radiate your best self.

Glow-Up Tips for Light/Fair Skin Tones: 🌸🍥

For our fair-skinned beauties, subtlety is the game-changer! Andrew suggests soft hues like taupe, champagne, or gentle plum to accentuate without overpowering. Shades of beige, like a latte, work like magic, concealing redness and adding that perfect brightness. Embrace ivory, bone, and eggshell tones for a natural, eye-waking look. Beware of intense reds or grays—they might steal your glow!

Glow-Up Tips for Medium/Honey Skin Tones: 🍯🌟

Medium and honey-toned divas, get ready to explore a spectrum of eyeshadow wonders! Andrew recommends the enchanting rose gold, a versatile choice transitioning seamlessly from day to night. Embrace warm illuminating shades and pigmented metallic finishes. Steer clear of matte browns and mauves resembling your skin tone. Add a medium bronze shade for contouring that gives a soft edge.

Glow-Up Tips for Deep/Dark Skin Tones: 🌚💫

Bold and vibrant is the anthem for deep and dark skin tones! Andrew suggests embracing the contrast with 24-karat gold or copper lids and diving into the intensity of dark espresso, plum, or black eyeshadows for that high-impact glam. Feel the power of vibrant cool shades in green and blue, or opt for the warmth of copper, bronze, and autumnal hues. Skip ashy or white eyeshadows—they won't do justice to your radiant skin.

Must-Have Products for Your Glow-Up Journey: 💖🎨

  • Light/Fair Skin Tones: KVD Beauty Dazzle Long-Wear Eyeshadow Stick in Hail Surge - Seamless elegance in a stick, no primer needed!

  • Medium/Honey Skin Tones: Covergirl's Clean Color Eyeshadows - Versatile shades for effortlessly dimensional looks.

  • Deep/Dark Skin Tones: Mented Everyday Shadow Palette - Your go-to for enhancing features with essential shades.

🚀✨ Conclusion: Your Eyeshadow Canvas Awaits! ✨🎉

Your skin tone is the guiding star, and Andrew Sotomayor's wisdom is your compass in the eyeshadow universe. From subtle elegance to bold statements, your unique glow-up journey is just a palette away. Embrace your beauty, experiment fearlessly, and let your eyes tell the story. Your radiant gaze is your masterpiece! 🎨💖 #EyeshadowMagic #GlowUpGuide #MakeupAdventure

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