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Get the Jennifer Lawrence Vibe: Mastering the Luxe Honey Blonde Look

Jennifer Lawrence – you know her, you love her. But lately, she's been on a style journey that's got everyone buzzing. From her jaw-dropping Cannes Film Festival appearance in that scarlet Dior gown and black flip flops to her fashion-forward choices, J-Law is having a major style moment. And we're here for it!

While we've always admired her French couture and her cheeky humor, her recent collaboration with stylist and close friend Jamie Mizrahi (yes, the one who styles Adele) has taken her fashion game to a whole new level. From Matteau cotton knit dresses to The Row trench coats, Givenchy blazers, and Proenza Schouler sheer slips, her style evolution has us speechless.

But what's stealing the spotlight is her mesmerizing, ultra-long, glossy blonde hair. We're talking about those locks that seem to shimmer like pure gold, courtesy of her talented hair stylist, Gregory Russell. Some are even drawing parallels to Succession's Willa and her similar 'do, calling it the "expensive honey hair" trend.

So, if you're as obsessed with J-Law's hair as we are, here's the lowdown on achieving and maintaining that luxurious honey blonde look:

How to Achieve Expensive Honey Hair

In an interview with Glamour, hair stylist Jennifer Korab spilled the beans: "Expensive honey" is all about warm blonde tones that exude luxury. It's got those reddish and brown undertones that create a multi-dimensional, rich hair color that screams opulence. The best part? It's incredibly versatile and can complement various skin tones and types, making it a top pick if you want a neutral and universally flattering look.

So, when you're booking that salon appointment, don't hold back. Ask your stylist for a "honey hair color with warm, golden tones that give you that natural sun-kissed vibe." And be sure to request those highlights to blend seamlessly for the most effortlessly natural look.

If you're committed to keeping that exquisite color on point, plan for touch-ups and glosses every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain that signature J-Law glow.

How to Keep Your Color Fresh at Home

Maintaining your hair color at home is an art. Start by using color care shampoos and conditioners every other wash. These products will help preserve your color's vibrancy while keeping your locks healthy.

To take things up a notch and achieve that ultimate shine, consider adding a top coat and glaze to your routine. It's the secret sauce for that head-turning, glossy effect that'll have you feeling like a superstar.

There you have it – the roadmap to getting that coveted Jennifer Lawrence honey blonde look. Are you ready to embrace the luxe vibes? 💇‍♀️✨ #HoneyBlondeGoals

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