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Mascara Cocktails: The Latest Lash Trend You Need to Try 🍸

Alright, makeup mavens, we've got some fresh beauty tea for you – it's all about that "less is more" vibe, right? Well, TikTok just dropped a bombshell that says, "Nah, let's go all out!" Enter the fabulous world of mascara cocktailing – your ticket to luscious, dramatic lashes. 🎉

So, what's this mascara cocktailing thing? It's like creating your dream lash look by layering different mascaras, each with its own superpower. Think volume, length, curl – you name it.

We had a chat with some makeup gurus to spill the beans on this trend, and guess what? They're totally on board with going bold on lashes, but with a few tricks up their sleeves. Here's how to cocktail your mascara like a pro.

What's the Deal with Mascara Cocktailing? No, you don't need a lab coat or a chemistry set. Mascara cocktailing is as simple as layering different mascaras that do different things to create your lash masterpiece.

Vincent Oquendo, the magician behind Florence Pugh's, Jenny Ortega's, and Lily Collins' stunning looks, breaks it down: some mascaras pump up the volume, others define, and some are like your lash's personal stylist. The best part? It's your shortcut to those eye-popping, 3D lashes without the fuss of falsies or extensions.

How to Get Your Mascara Cocktail Right Sure, you can slap on two or three mascaras, but our experts have some secret sauce to avoid clumpy drama and reach lash nirvana.

Vincent Oquendo's mantra? Layer and take your sweet time. He's got a lash curler, a lash comb, and Lashify’s Blow Speed Dryer in his arsenal. First, curl those lashes like you mean it, then coat them and comb through. Finish with a blast from the Lashify dryer to set it all in place. His dynamic duo: Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara paired with Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara – pure lash magic!

Niki M'nray, another makeup wizard, joins the curling and combing party. Curl those lashes first, then apply, comb, and reapply until your lashes are living their best life.

So, there you have it, babes! Time to shake up your mascara game and go big or go home. 🌟 #MascaraCocktails #LashGameStrong

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