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Strawberry Milk Nails: The Dreamy TikTok Trend You Need to Try

Hold onto your seats, trendsetters! The world of nails is getting a sweet, rosy makeover, and it's all about those strawberry milk nails. 🍓🥛 Yep, pink is back and taking over like never before!

So, what's the deal with strawberry milk nails? Picture this: it's got that same creamy, dreamy vibe as milk bath nails, but with a soft, sheer pink twist. It's like a pastel dream come true! 💅

Nail guru Brittney Boyce says it's all about prep – cleanse, buff, and start with a trusty base coat. Then, dive into the creamy pink goodness. Apply two thin coats of your fave pink shade, giving each layer a couple of minutes to dry. Finish the masterpiece with a slick topcoat to make it shine!

But guess what? You can mix it up too! Nail artist Hang Nguyen goes for a clear base, blends a hot pink shade with a clear topcoat, and layers it on for that jelly-like magic. 🎨

Ready to rock those strawberry milk nails? Get ready for some serious nail envy! 🌟 #StrawberryMilkNails #NailGoals

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