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The Beauty Trend That's Taking TikTok by Storm: Scrunch Makeup 🎨

Hey, trendsetters and makeup mavens! 🌟 Get ready to level up your makeup game because there's a fresh trend in town, and it's all about breaking the beauty norms. Say hello to 'scrunch makeup,' the Gen Z-approved phenomenon that's about to light up your FYP.

In a world where contouring has ruled the beauty scene, 'scrunch makeup' takes a U-turn and puts the spotlight on the nose – and it's totally revolutionary. Leading the charge is makeup artist Mei Pang, whose TikTok tutorial shook the internet. She playfully captioned it, "Don't ask me why I did this - I think I'm having artist block."

Her video, with a whopping 10 million views and counting, shows Pang skillfully blending pink, orange, and yellow eyeshadow onto her nose bridge. But here's the twist: she decides to "experiment with her nose wrinkles" by scrunching up her face while dusting on some white powder.

The result? A mesmerizing array of markings that her followers have dubbed "unique" and "creative." In a world of sculpted and contoured noses, 'scrunch makeup' is a breath of fresh air, inspiring fellow artists to jump on the trend. However, it's not as easy as it looks on your iPhone screen.

One TikTok makeup artist, going by the handle @irisxgrace, gave 'scrunch makeup' three valiant attempts. Her followers had some thoughts, accusing her of "scrunching too much with her mouth" and "unscrunching too soon." Despite creating a stunning lightning-inspired masterpiece with white liquid face paint, she rated the trend a modest five out of ten, noting that the results depend on "what your face does." Talk about intriguing!

But Mei Pang isn't just a one-hit wonder. She's been the driving force behind a wave of Gen Z beauty trends, from 'dental floss makeup' to 'splatter painting.' With so much creativity in the air, you'll have plenty to keep you busy this weekend.

Ready to take the 'scrunch makeup' challenge? Get inspired by the experts and give it a whirl. Your FYP is about to get a whole lot more colorful! 🎨💃 #ScrunchMakeup #TikTokTrends

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