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The U-Shaped Haircut That's Taking Over TikTok

Okay, we've seen some wild TikTok hair trends, but here's one that's winning everyone's hearts: U-shaped haircuts. Trust us; this isn't your typical cringe-worthy trend. U-shaped haircuts are all about slayin' with flowy, voluminous locks, and guess what? They look bomb on everyone! Time to spill the tea on this hair makeover. What exactly is a U-shaped haircut, how to style it, and most importantly, how to ask your hairstylist for it? We've got the deets straight from the experts. Let's dive in.

What's a U-Shaped Haircut? Picture this: your hair forms a "U" shape at the back. It's a gradual transition from shorter layers at the front to longer ones at the back. Kimberly Gueldner, the mastermind behind Voel Hair Studio, spills the tea. This cut serves major soft and flowy vibes while keeping your hair light, bouncy, and oozing with volume. It's the secret sauce for those effortless, natural-looking waves you've been eyeing.

Leonardo Valencia, the hairstyling guru at Ulta Beauty, gives it a thumbs up. He explains that U-shaped cuts often connect face-framing layers to the ends of your hair, preventing that heavy, flat look. Bonus: it's a game-changer for those blessed with wavy or curly hair, adding extra shape and sass.

How to Slay a U-Shaped Cut? Ready to own that U-shaped glow? It all boils down to your hair type:

  • Fine and Straight: Grab a medium round brush for some feathered magic. Brush backward with a wide-tooth comb for major volume during your blowout. Seal the deal with a light-hold texture spray. For that extra oomph, hello rollers!

  • Curly or Wavy: Keep it simple with mousse. Define those curls, add volume, and lock in that U-shape. Valencia's pro tip: don't over-style the perimeter. When using a diffuser, flip your hair back and forth for a natural look. Air-dry? Totally vibe with the U-shaped cut!

Spill the Tea at the Salon So, you're ready to rock that U-shaped haircut? Here's the deal: tell your stylist you're all about that rounded hair length. Most stylists can work their magic once you drop the U-shape hint. Keep it chill and emphasize that you want those layers to scream "natural and rounded." And, as always, pics speak louder than words. Bring some inspo snaps to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page.

Ready to slay the U-shaped haircut trend? Your hair game just leveled up! 💇‍♀️🔥

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