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Unlocking the Buzz: The Blueberry Milk Nails Trend That's Got TikTok Divided

Alright, squad, let's talk trends because 202X is bursting with them – from metallic kicks to groufits and total Barbiecore vibes. Seriously, it feels like there's something new to rock every week. But in the realm of beauty, there's one trend that's got everyone buzzing: blueberry milk nails. 🍇🥛💅

Now, in case you're still catching up, blueberry milk nails are the latest evolution of the milky manicure craze. We've already seen strawberry and chocolate milk-inspired nails take over the internet, and now it's time for blueberries to shine. To achieve this fab look, you pair a soft blue nail polish with a dreamy white base or a pearly top coat. The result? A creamy, glazed finish that's sheer perfection.

But hold up, fam, it's not just us regular folks diving into the blueberry milk nail scene. Some A-listers like Dua Lipa, Kate Hudson, Hilary Duff, and Sofia Richie have been flaunting their baby blue nails all summer long. 🌞✨ And that, my friends, has catapulted this trend to the top.

Now, let's dive into why blueberry milk nails have become the talk of the TikTok town.

With the hashtag #blueberrymilknails racking up a whopping 16.5 million views, you'd think it's all sunshine and rainbows, right? Wrong. It turns out that not everyone is sipping the blueberry-flavored Kool-Aid. 🤷‍♀️

TikTok's got some mixed feelings about it. Some folks are straight-up salty, arguing that it's just "light blue nails" and calling it a "marketing scheme." Yep, it's sparked an online showdown about how we hype up these ever-changing trends, leaving many feeling a tad skeptical about the whole online trend game.

So, whether you're Team Blueberry Milk Nails or you're waving the "it's just light blue" flag, here's the lowdown on how to rock the look. 💁‍♀️💙✨

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