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Unveiling the "Barbiecore" Beauty Trend: Channeling Margot Robbie's Look from the Barbie Film

The silver screen has always been a source of inspiration for beauty enthusiasts, and the anticipation surrounding Margot Robbie's portrayal of the iconic Mattel doll in the upcoming movie Barbie is no exception. As her portrayal as Barbie, alongside Ryan Gosling as Ken, graces the big screen under the direction of Greta Gerwig, beauty aficionados are already buzzing with excitement. The film's elevated beauty aesthetic is making waves, prompting a surge in demand for makeup and skincare products that capture the essence of Margot Robbie's Barbie look.

From hot pink lipsticks to vibrant nail polishes, and the coveted "airbrushed, rich girl" skin, the trend known as "Barbiecore" is sweeping Australia and capturing the imagination of beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

The Barbiecore Phenomenon: A Dive into the Trend

Australians are finding inspiration in Margot Robbie's Barbie portrayal, and it's evident not only on the silver screen but also in everyday fashion and beauty choices. Robbie herself, beyond her on-screen role, has been subtly incorporating Barbie-esque elements into her personal style, from her signature blonde bombshell hair to her makeup choices and bubblegum pink ensembles. Notable appearances, such as her pink and white Prada gingham bustier top and matching mini, and her striking hot pink Versace outfit showcased on the cover of American Vogue, highlight the influence of Barbiecore in her fashion choices.

Jennifer Horsley, Mecca's head of artistry, recognizes the power of the Barbie influence. Horsley notes that pops of color, especially Barbie pinks, have resurged in popularity. The anticipated impact of the Barbie movie has indeed materialized, with pink tones making a prominent return.

According to Horsley, this trend is reflected in a soft application of color, such as a wash of pink on the eyes, a sheer blush, and a pop of color on the lips. She also highlights the revival of gloss, particularly pink glosses, which can subtly elevate the skin in a similar way to red tones.

Lancôme beauty director Lara Srokowski points out that Barbiecore embodies a feminine and playful makeup trend. She advises a monochromatic approach to achieve the look, where a vibrant pink blush is applied across the cheeks, eyes, and lips. Simplifying the routine and creating a cohesive look are key to capturing the essence of this trend.

The Barbie-Esque Glow: Skin as the Canvas

Beyond makeup, the Barbiecore trend has infiltrated skincare routines. Emma Lewisham, founder of her namesake skincare brand, emphasizes a shift towards genuinely natural beauty. The trend is evident in the pursuit of luminous, Barbie-inspired skin that exudes a subtle glow.

For Lewisham, achieving the Barbiecore look begins with the skin. Enhancing the skin's natural structure, creating a toned appearance, and embracing a pared-back beauty approach are at the heart of this trend. The result? A radiant, Barbie-esque complexion that emanates effortless beauty.

Margot Robbie's upcoming portrayal of Barbie has ignited a sensational trend that is reshaping the beauty landscape. From hot pink accents to luminous skin, the Barbiecore trend is all about embracing a playful and feminine aesthetic. With celebrities like Margot Robbie leading the charge, it's clear that the influence of Barbiecore extends beyond the silver screen and into our daily lives, encouraging us to explore the world of color, creativity, and a touch of enchantment in our beauty routines. As the Barbie movie takes center stage, so does the Barbiecore trend, offering beauty enthusiasts a chance to channel their inner Barbie and infuse a touch of whimsy and charm into their everyday look.

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